As a son on graphic designer others would expect me to take the same path. Honestly, I did not care about design for many years and everytime I saw Photoshop it looked so overwhelming and I just wasn't interested.
More than 4 years ago I got an offer to help one of my friend with his business and we quickly realize that without good website even a good marketing won’t help much. I started with my first layouts, and I discovered my true passion that led to tons of purchased courses, countless hours of designing and reviewing other peoples work. Now I can say I've got to a level where I try to always put something unique to my work, and can confidently develop almost any website in Webflow.
I deeply care about honesty and fair attitude between me and the client during the whole project and even after.

eirene cafe

Design, Webflow
Representative website,  Generated AI images
live website
live website
Eirene Cafe is a personal project showcasing the potential of Artifical Intelligence. All images on the website apart from the mockups are generated using Midjourney or Adobe Firefly. Some of the content is also generated by ChatGPT.
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